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A Podcast with Tan Huynh

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Dr. Holly Porter shares how her district moved entirely from pull-out to fully co-teaching. This conversation provides practical advice at the district level and can also be applied to schools that want to move away from pull-out to co-teaching.

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“More than just two good teachers”


While there are many articles, books and other resources available that provide support with the logistical aspects of co-teaching, our consulting and professional learning supports include the missing component of how co-teaching adds value to not only the students, but the classroom, the teachers, the school and the district.  

Co-teaching is transformational when all aspects are done with purpose and focus. Our experience and success has shown that co-teaching programming must be intentionally designed around the following three goals:

1)  Access to grade level content

2) Explicit language development (for multilingual learners) or explicit focus on IEP goals (for students with special needs)

3) Building the capacity of both co-teachers

Getting at the heart of how to use these three goals to intentionally design your co-teaching programming for the success of your learners is the purpose of our work.

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Expertise. Experience. Relationships.

We have been implementing co-teaching as our instructional model since 2007.  We have been awarded the Colorado ELPA (English Language Proficiency Act)  Excellence Award for our evidenced-based program that has achieved high English language and academic growth and high academic achievement among English Learners and our director received the Colorado Language Culture and Equity Director of the Year award.  Others may learn from the approach we have taken and implement something similar.   We have built longstanding relationships with districts of all sizes and stages of implementation and have supported them in their co-teaching journeys.

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We offer virtual as well as face to face professional learning and consulting.  Take a look at our current offerings to see what we can support you with!


Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process to ensure that the professional learning is a match for you and your school or district. Contact us to find out how we can develop a partnership.

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